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Tomato & Corn Salsa - Summer In A Bowl




     It’s summer so that means fresh local tomatoes and fresh local corn. And right on cue this NYTimes Cooking recipe popped up on my news feed. It’s easy. It’s fresh. This salsa hits the sweet, hot, and tart tastes. One little change I did make was to blanch and peel the tomatoes. I also used nice meaty, ripe, plum tomatoes. Just one note of warning – the recipe calls for you to season to taste. Well, you’ll probably end up, spoon in hand, unable to stop tasting. It’s really that good. Simple ingredients combined for a big taste. 


Tomato Basil Sauce - the easy way



The other day I looked at my basil plant and thought OH NO!  I better make something fast.  I’m a pesto traditionalist and not into the variations that have cropped up through the years.  I like the basic centuries old Genoa recipe – basil, garlic, pine nuts, Parmigiano, Pecorino and olive oil.  But didn’t I have any pine nuts. So no pesto – this time.

I did however have canned whole tomatoes from Michael Anthony’s market and, uhm, basil.

No recipe needed - Here’s what I did…

     I got out my machete, hacked my way through the basil container forest and ended up with about half the basil leaves from my voracious plant. 


Basil plant post hacking - still huge

I pulled out a large saucepan and began crushing those tomatoes with my hands, which caused a huge mess all over the kitchen counter and me.  I chucked in the basil leaves – don’t ask me how many, just lots!


I used way more than this but I wanted to show the tomatoes

Added a little white wine, lots of olive oil, and let the sauce simmer all day.  The result was a really fresh, simple tasting sauce that was perfect since I didn’t have any pine nuts.  But I will next time and guess what?  That basil plant is right back to where it was pre- hacking. I swear the thing is on steroids!