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Friday Routines - 4/3 No More Produce Guy Stories...for now

Well Easter just kinda  snuck up on me.  It’s next weekend, so planning away I will be this weekend.  We’ll probably be about ten.  This past Sunday I roasted a fresh picnic ham on the BBQ.  All I did was season it with salt and pepper, got the BBQ up to 350°F.  Used the indirect heat method, put a drip pan underneath the ham with a little white wine and water in it...2 ¼ hrs later?  Perfectly cooked moist and tasty ham.  I reduced the juices and...OMG...delish!  It was a that could be on the cards for Easter lunch.

 I’m actually trying a new supplier based in St. Mathews, SC.  Caw Caw Creek Farms,  home to heirloom pastured organic pigs...I’m a little excited about my shipment due to arrive on Tuesday.  In it...pork belly!  I can’t wait to get my hands on that.  Don’t know exactly how I’ll cook it yet...but I’ll figure it out.  I remember seeing Gordon Ramsey make it on the “F Word” once, so that could be the ticket.  

 And right after Easter?  The Heritage Golf Tournament.  Hilton Head’s very own PGA event.  The island hops!  It’s party central down in Harbour Town and hopefully the weather will cooperate this year. 

I gotta to Bluffton for a little girlie girl lunch and a stop at Scotts Meats out there to peruse his cold case and see what looks good for this weekend.  Hopefully he’ll have a side of salmon left as well.  He’s the only proper butcher around!